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Bearly Tennis is an arcade tennis game where you play as bears who have reclaimed an abandoned town from humans, discovering tennis in the process. In order to play Tennis, you search the world for objects you can crush into makeshift tennis balls. These makeshift balls have different properties causing them to perform differently from each other in a match.

Getting into a Match Instructions:

  1. Extract the BarelyTennis.zip
  2. Run WindowsNoEditor/BearlyTennis.exe
  3. The Host will have to Port Forward to ports 7777 and 7778, then share their IP with the person joining.
    1. A good explanation on port forwarding can be found here
  4. Select Find a Lobby
  5. Enter server IP, 
  6. Select Join

How to Play:

  1. Each player collects 3 balls from the world
  2. After collecting 3 balls, the match begins with a random player serving first
  3. After serving, the typical rules of a tennis point apply
    1. Hit the ball back and forth to win the point
    2. A player loses the point if the ball bounces twice on their side
    3. A player loses the point if their ball bounces out-of-bounds or into the net
    4. If a ball bounces off the top of the net and then into the correct box, it is counted as in-bounds
  4. Charging
    1. Holding the swing button for longer charges a shot, hitting the ball harder once it’s in range
    2. Serves hit at the top of the toss hit the ball harder
  5. When a player loses a point, they must serve next, losing their served ball. The game score is equal to the number of balls remaining in each player’s inventory.
  6. A player loses a game when they are forced to serve with no balls remaining
  7. Repeat from step 1 as you like

Gameplay Tips:

  • Pause the game at any time (ESC/Start) for a reminder of the controls or to exit
  • You can aim your return shots and serves by adding any movement input while you are holding the swing button
    • Holding A or Right (Left Analog Stick) will aim your shot right
    • Holding D or Left (Left Analog Stick) will aim your shot left
    • Holding W or Up (Left Analog Stick) will aim your shot long
    • Holding S or Down (Left Analog Stick) will aim your shot short
  • Attempting a charge shot drastically decreases your movement speed!  Only attempt if you know the ball is coming your way!
  • You can switch view modes while playing with Tab or Y/Triangle
  • Press Alt + Enter to toggle fullscreen/windowed
  • Press Ctrl + Alt to disconnect mouse in order to disable relative mouse


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BearlyTennis.zip 322 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip
  2. Play

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